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Friday, January 2, 2015

2 Ways Of Creating A Realistic Part In Your Closure

Hi there ladies, 

Today I will be discussing a way to make the part in your closure look more realistic. 
In case you are not sure what a closure is I will elaborate. A closure is a unit of hair on a silk/ lace flat base and looks almost like a wig scalp. The closure is normally placed at the top frontal area of your head. 
This is a virgin hair silk closure.

There are many ways to apply a closure in which we will not discuss today. There are a few ways to customize the closure part. 

So, the 1st technique to make your part look realistic is the bleaching of the knots. (Say what? Whats a knot?) 
The knots are the little dark root fibers that connect the strand of hairs to the lace or silk base. Normally looks like black dots at the root. Most people take bleaching powder and 20-40 volume developer, mix it and apply to the lace or silk area for a few minutes. ( not to the actual side with hair) This method will lighten the knots and make the scalp of the closure look more realistic. 

Top Photo is before bleaching. Bottom photo is after bleaching. 

The 2nd technique is the tweezing method. This technique consist of you actually using tweezers and tweezing a few hair out of the parted line in the closure. This way you are pulling the undefined hairs out the part of scalp of the closure and it will blend better. No mess, no hassle. 

When you are done with your desired part area your closure should look like this in the completed stage. 
Completed closure application and realistic part.

Below is a step by step video on how to bleach knots on a closure.

I hope this was helpful and if you have questions or would like me to do a specific hair or makeup post about a topic leave a comment. 
Happy New Year Loves!
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