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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pillow Talk Zayn Malik Cover

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lady GaGa Recreated Super Bowl 50 Makeup Look

I watched Super Bowl 50 on Sunday and the national anthem was sung by Lady GaGa. She wore a beautiful two piece bright red metallic pants suit and wore very soft subtle makeup. Now her eye makeup was very loud. It consisted of a bright red shadow with bright red glitter and lashes. I felt the eye makeup looked to harsh but she still looked beautiful. 
This is lady Gagas look. 

My recreated Lady GaGa super bowl 50 inspired makeup look. What do you think? Like and share! 󾬘󾬘󾬘✨✨✨#ladygaga #superbowl50 Follow me on Instagram @msboomboomroom 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Recap & Highlights

Super Bowl 50 was a great game won by the 3rd time winners the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning is now the 1st player to win the Super Bowl with multiple teams, wow what a great accomplishment. Von Mills was name the MVP. The question of the hour... Is this Peyton manning last rodeo? He said," it's been an emotional week and I want to kiss my wife, kiss my kids and celebrate with my family! I will drink a lot of beer!" So no final decisions has been announced if he will return to football or not as of now. 

We started the evening off with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem. Now her attire was basic lady Gaga but what had everyone talking was the eye makeup she chose. It was a heaven shade of red with glitter and my opinion it was a bit much but she sang like her life depended on it. 

Let us not forget the most important part of Super Bowl 50 which is the half time show. It consisted of musical legends Coldplay, The Queen Beyonce & pop super star Bruno Mars. Now when you think of these three together you think yikes this will be a huge clash. With beyonce being a diva an all, Bruno Mars being a laid back divo lol & Coldplay with the feel good music but it was actually all blended to perfection. Coldplay opened with a medley of hits, including "Viva La Vida," "Paradise" and "Adventure of a Lifetime," on a rainbow-colored stage. The Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles accompanied the band led by Chris Martin. It was a beautiful display, but clearly just an opening act for the Mars/The Bey takeover. I absolutely loved he show. Bruno did a lot more dancing than usual but it was perfect. He sang his hit song "Uptown Funk" with a bit of MC Hammer sound incorporated in the music. Beyonce looked flawless and in sync with her dancers and performing her newest single which dropped yesterday called "Formation" and the ending with all three singing Coldplay's "Up & Up"  together was just a beautiful sight. 

Lastly let us recognize the commercials.... Moment of silence. Anyway some where good some were bad and then some were REALLY BAD!!! I can't imagine spending millions on a super bowl commercial and it being horribly bad but that's life. You win some and you lose some. 

This is my brief summary of the Super Bowl 50. 

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Sunday, January 31, 2016


With Grease being my favorite movie of all time I had to watch the new 2016 Grease Live.  It aired tonight live on FOX and my honest opinion about it was I was very happy that they were able to match majority of the characters to perfection compared to the original. I also love that they added an African-American cast member for the show which was Ms. KeKe Palmer.

 I enjoyed listening to all of the original songs like "hand jive, grease lightening, beauty school drop out etc..." and some of the dance moves that were used in the original Grease movie. The wardrobe was phenomenal. I'm just watching everyone move from scene to scene in the live version and changing characters and sciences like clockwork was amazing. 

The character Rizzo which is played by Vanessa Hudgens looked so much like her. Also keep in mind Vanessa Hudgens' father passed away from stage 4 cancer a few hours before the show which is heart breaking but she held it together and played her role like a champ. My condolences to her and her family. 

 I was so excited and it brought so many happy memories of my childhood sitting here watching this live version. It just reminded me of how much I enjoyed performing and singing. I was sitting in my living room doing the hand jive and my son was like mom what are you doing... Lol.  

Lets not forget the special celebrity cameos from Mario Lopez, Boyz 2 Men, Joe Jonas and a few others. I will say the overall performance for Grease Live was 4 1/2 stars out of 5. If you didn't see this you missed out on a really good show but I'm sure it'll be available on Hulu. So be sure to check it out. If you're a huge Grease fan like myself you will love the live version of Grease.  Thats just my thoughts to you. 

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valentine's Day Looks 2016

So ladies since Valentine's Day is right around the corner and who really loves to wait to the very last minute to decide how you want to look so I've decided to help you out with a few looks for Valentine's Day. Now I know it can be hard to decide what to wear and how you want to look for your special date night so here are four looks that I have created. The looks vary from glamorous, colorful and even soft and sexy. Depending on your style each look can be rocked and execute it for the perfect Valentine's Day. 

Look 1 

This is a smokey glam eye with black winged liner and a nude lip. For my eyes I used anise color above my crease a a transition color, a shimmery black in my crease and a silvery blue color on my Lids. This look is perfect for late dinner outing or club scene. Hair can be worn down or pulled back in a simple ponytail. 

Look 2 

This is a colorful glam eye. I used a soft gold above the crease as a transition color, a green in the crease a dark brown in the putter corner of the crease and a hot pink on my lids. To add a little bling I added some pink glitter to the lids. And my lip is a pretty pink. This look is perfect for a day outting to a festival or out door concert or salsa dancing.  

Look 3 
This look is a cut crease eye. I used a nude color above my crease as a transition color a dark brown to create the cut crease separation and lastly I used a shimmery bronze color on my lids. I added a thin winged liner and some glam lashes.i used a soft pink pencil to outline my lips and filled them in with a lipstick. This is a very soft look and can be worn day or night. 

Look 4 

This is a smokey eye. I used a light brown as a transition color above my crease, used a black on my crease and lids and added some white glitter to the lids. Next I added a plum color winged liner and some lashes. I also used a similar plum color on my lip. This look is great for night dates or clubbing. As for my hair I call it bed hair. Lol 

The last look I had to use some reds for love. 

Thank you all for reading and taking a look at my different Valentine's Day looks. I hope they have been helpful for you.

Wishing you all a happy happy happy Valentine's Day and be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube and follow me on Instagram @Msboomboomroom 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Natural Hair 2 Strand Twist Out with Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

The video above shows a full step by step tutorial on a two strand twist out method for natural hair. This method when done correct will create a beautiful curl pattern and should be used on natural hair.

In the video I did list the products I used to achieve this look and if you decide to try it post a link to your look below in the comment box and I will repost them.