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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Recap & Highlights

Super Bowl 50 was a great game won by the 3rd time winners the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning is now the 1st player to win the Super Bowl with multiple teams, wow what a great accomplishment. Von Mills was name the MVP. The question of the hour... Is this Peyton manning last rodeo? He said," it's been an emotional week and I want to kiss my wife, kiss my kids and celebrate with my family! I will drink a lot of beer!" So no final decisions has been announced if he will return to football or not as of now. 

We started the evening off with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem. Now her attire was basic lady Gaga but what had everyone talking was the eye makeup she chose. It was a heaven shade of red with glitter and my opinion it was a bit much but she sang like her life depended on it. 

Let us not forget the most important part of Super Bowl 50 which is the half time show. It consisted of musical legends Coldplay, The Queen Beyonce & pop super star Bruno Mars. Now when you think of these three together you think yikes this will be a huge clash. With beyonce being a diva an all, Bruno Mars being a laid back divo lol & Coldplay with the feel good music but it was actually all blended to perfection. Coldplay opened with a medley of hits, including "Viva La Vida," "Paradise" and "Adventure of a Lifetime," on a rainbow-colored stage. The Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles accompanied the band led by Chris Martin. It was a beautiful display, but clearly just an opening act for the Mars/The Bey takeover. I absolutely loved he show. Bruno did a lot more dancing than usual but it was perfect. He sang his hit song "Uptown Funk" with a bit of MC Hammer sound incorporated in the music. Beyonce looked flawless and in sync with her dancers and performing her newest single which dropped yesterday called "Formation" and the ending with all three singing Coldplay's "Up & Up"  together was just a beautiful sight. 

Lastly let us recognize the commercials.... Moment of silence. Anyway some where good some were bad and then some were REALLY BAD!!! I can't imagine spending millions on a super bowl commercial and it being horribly bad but that's life. You win some and you lose some. 

This is my brief summary of the Super Bowl 50. 

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